Update History

Want to know what's new on DraftKick? Here's a list of the latest features and fixes.

Projection updates are not included in the list. Except when major news hits, there are updates about every week early in the offseason. That increases to daily updates as the season approaches.

Date Change
2024‑02‑06 Fix to remove default scoring/positions when loading a saved league; include C in IF
2024‑02‑05 Increase pick variation in draft simulation
2024‑01‑31 Add The BAT and The BAT X
2024‑01‑27 Add ZiPS
2024‑01‑26 Add ATC; sort initially by NFBC ADP to fix QS / SV+HLD bug
2024‑01‑19 Add Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, Underdog ADP
2024‑01‑18 Add Fantrax ADP
2024‑01‑12 Add Razzball projections and playing time
2023‑11‑07 2024 DraftKick Baseball initial release!
Date Change
2023‑10‑04 Add Fantrax positions, ADP, and colors
2023‑10‑03 Fix UT baselines; reduce default baseline to 90% of starters
2023‑10‑02 Lower default TO weighting; include full-season (82 GP) in playing time weighting
2023‑09‑28 Fix draft simulation for basketball
2023‑09‑15 2023 DraftKick Basketball initial release!
Date Change
2023‑08‑29 Add return yards and TDs
2023‑08‑29 Spell out category abbreviations in Scoring Settings
2023‑08‑21 Keep long team names from overflowing; ignore case on custom projection headings
2023‑08‑16 Add The BLITZ projections
2023‑08‑12 Show dynamic remaining value on Positions/Cheatsheet
2023‑08‑11 Add hybrid drafts (auction/snake); save progress during draft sims; fix composite projection to include projections of "0"
2023‑08‑10 Allow custom projections from CSV, add 2PT as a category
2023‑08‑09 Fix bug in Spreadsheet view from custom projections; add Sleeper AAV
2023‑08‑08 Allow user-entered custom projections
2023‑08‑05 Handle weekly projections for suspension (Alvin Kamara)
2023‑08‑03 Fix duplicate players from NFL.com; improve draft sim to delay DEF/K
2023‑08‑03 Add standings by position to Standings
2023‑08‑02 Add first downs (receiving and rushing) as scoring category
2023‑07‑31 Add NFL.com ADP; only show tiers when sorting by "Rk" or "$"
2023‑07‑27 Display individual projections for each player
2023‑07‑26 Fix bug with adding keepers; allow keepers during draft sims
2023‑07‑21 Add FantasyPros ADP; add WR-TE flex
2023‑07‑18 Clean up Positions/Cheatsheet: Add auction columns, better coloring, draft round formatting
2023‑07‑17 Update Positions view to match Beersheets; add printable Cheatsheet
2023‑07‑04 Enhance keeper handling
2023‑07‑03 Add ESPN ADP and AAV
2023‑06‑30 Round auto-generated replacement levels to whole numbers
2023‑06‑28 Include byes on player tiles; unhide Projection Settings
2023‑06‑28 Add point categories for 40-49yd and 50+yd FG; add Underdog presets
2023‑06‑27 Use weekly projections for standings and SGP
2023‑06‑23 2023 DraftKick Football initial release!
Date Change
2023‑03‑28 Don't allow editing draft picks after draft starts; add "Undo Pick" button; don't allow editing price/team for drafted players
2023‑03‑26 Include Edwin Diaz and Rhys Hoskins with minimum playing time projections
2023‑03‑21 Fix jumpiness on Positions page
2023‑03‑21 Fix sorting by team name
2023‑03‑20 Add prospects who aren't in projections
2023‑03‑16 Add Zoom Out options for smaller displays
2023‑03‑16 Add Roster toggle for expanded/compact views
2023‑03‑14 Add Draft Picks in Settings for trading/editing picks
2023‑03‑13 Fix bug counting "CF" and "C"
2023‑03‑12 Check for duplicate players in projections (fixes the multiple Clint Fraziers bug)
2023‑03‑10 Auto-focus on bid input; press "Enter" to draft in auction
2023‑03‑09 Custom team budgets; expanded player cells on Rosters
2023‑03‑08 Fix: Don't allow editing bench slots after draft starts
2023‑03‑07 Fix: Handle auction aggression with custom replacement levels; use replacement level positions rather than roster positions for calculating replacement levels
2023‑03‑06 Add Live SGP for points leagues; fix/remove SGP for bench players
2023‑03‑03 Add player notes
2023‑03‑02 Add category weighting
2023‑03‑01 Add customizable replacement levels
2023‑02‑25 Add option for LF/CF/RF
2023‑02‑24 Fix: Add missing Razzball SO; correct Steamer playing time
2023‑02‑23 Fix bug with reset keeper rosters when opening, fix max bid when roster is full
2023‑02‑23 Add DH-only and spectator mode
2023‑02‑18 Add RealTime Sports color palette
2023‑02‑16 Overhaul Positions view, fix combo stats in Standings, add Yahoo color palette
2023‑02‑15 Fix IF with auction aggression
2023‑02‑12 Add "max bid" to draft panel
2023‑02‑10 Fix: Use AB for denominator for SLG
2023‑02‑09 Add FanGraphs injury data to tags
2023‑02‑07 Add ESPN player ids for several relevant players to fix their ADP
2023‑02‑06 Fix: Allow players to be reassigned teams after being auctioned
2023‑02‑04 Add CBS ADP; Add AAV for Yahoo, ESPN, and NFBC; show "value" on Positions page
2023‑02‑02 Fix: Remove players (Zoilo Almonte) with no projected playing time
2023‑02‑02 Fix: For logged in users, save changes made on the player detail section
2023‑02‑01 Add ZiPS; add Steamer playing time; add Yahoo ADP
2023‑01‑31 Fix: Don't crash after the last player drafted; assign players to bench if no roster spot available
2023‑01‑30 Abbreviate player names on the Positions page
2023‑01‑29 Fix: Add OPS and pitching AVG to Standings page;
2023‑01‑29 Tighten the filter row on the Players page for smaller displays
2023‑01‑29 Allow backing out picks when running a draft sim
2023‑01‑28 Fix: Include BF from projections for calculating pitching AVG
2023‑01‑27 Add tags; add OPS; allow separate hitting and pitching playing time weighting
2023‑01‑23 Allow drag‑and‑drop teams in the Teams Settings
2023‑01‑21 Change auction aggression scale from 0‑2 to 0.5‑1.5
2023‑01‑20 Add "auction aggression" to allow stars‑and‑scrubs
2023‑01‑20 Add Razzball/Steamer projections
2023‑01‑19 Add ATC; add playing time weights; remove category dashboard
2023‑01‑17 Add minimum games for positional eligibility
2023‑01‑15 Add IF position; add Underdog points and positions presets
2023‑01‑13 Add The BAT and The BAT X
2023‑01‑12 Add "Return to DraftKick" button in Settings
2023‑01‑11 Add randomization to draft simulator; fix Fantrax scoring preset
2023‑01‑09 Add Fantrax ADP
2023‑01‑07 Fix: Calculate standings correctly if not using projected final rosters; add drag‑and‑drop to Rosters page
2023‑01‑05 Add basic draft simulator
2022‑12‑28 Add "True NFBC" and Fantrax palettes for player positions
2022‑12‑23 Add "Reload Player Data" to Projections Settings
2022‑12‑23 Add "Live SGP"
2022‑12‑20 Add budget tracking rows to the Rosters page
2022‑12‑17 Add filtering by MLB team on Players page
2022‑12‑16 Add auction inflation
2022‑12‑14 Allow users to stay logged in
2022‑12‑14 Add projection weighting
2022‑12‑09 Allow sorting by drafting team, draft cost, and draft pick
2022‑12‑08 Fix: Correctly calculate stats that have been edited in the Spreadsheet view
2022‑12‑05 Add player ages
2022‑12‑01 Add Ohtani Rule in Settings
2022‑11‑28 Fix: Correct pitching AVG, handle negative categories
2022‑11‑22 Add column sorting on Players page
2022‑11‑16 Add new categories: SV+HLD/2, W+QS, W‑L, W+QS‑L
2022‑11‑12 Add projected final standings for rotisserie
2022‑11‑12 Add AL/NL‑only and custom MLB team selection
2022‑11‑11 Add NFBC ADP
2022‑11‑05 Switch app from football to baseball

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